Gaetan Teller & Evi Peeters


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Marcel Broodthaers: On the Art of Writing and On the Writing of Art

Daido Moriyama

Annette Messager: My Vows

beste posers ooit!

Robert Gober: Untitled

Mark Bradford: James Brown is Dead

Matthew Barney: Drawing Restraint 9: Shimenawa

Luc Tuymans: The Heritage IV

Irwin: NSK Garda Zagreb

Nicolas Lampert: Praying Mantis Crane

Dr. Lakra (Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez): Untitled (Betty Gonzales)

Pol Bury: Untitled from X Cinetizations

E. V. Day: Cross-Section of Head On Collision from Anatomy of Hugh Hefner’s Private Jet

Liam Gillick: Guide

Daniel Libeskind: Berlin Museum with the Jewish Museum

Gaetano Pesce: Church of Solitude, New York

Rem Koolhaas, Richard Perlmutter & Derick Snare: Welfare Palace Hotel, Roosevelt Island, New York

Haus-Rucker-Co: The Planet of Vienna, Rooftop Oasis, New York


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